Our stainless steel tiles are an engineered combination of PVD color coating 0.1mm pre-cut stainless steel sheets, supported by a bi-adhesive film, in order to allow a direct application on any surface to be decorated and protected: Kitchen backsplash, countertops, back shower walls. In order to select the correct bi-adhesive support, it is necessary to identify from the beginning the different purpose of usage for your selected tiles. You have dozens combinations of shapes, sizes, bi-adhesive films and PVD colors.

Spectrum Tile

Exterior | Interior | Industrial

Premium stainless steel wall coverings. Light weight, flexible and easy to install tiles. You can use ceramic backing tiles for constructions on cement walls or if they are heat sensitive. For general use you can use 3mm PVC foam board as backing material.

Unit: mm
Grade  Surface  Back1  Back2
Stainless Steel Ceramic Tile PVC Foam Board
Thickness 0.4 7  3
Width / Length *based on back material cutting size is negotiable   200×200  100×100 / 100×150 / 100×200 200×200 / 100×300 / 300x 300 600×100

Leaf Block


DYI Stainless Steel Tile. LeafBlock brings the CONVENIENCE to your Interior Decoration with its Easy Application. Ideal for interior decoration, wall art, and kitchen parts and accessories for both commercial and residential. The unique advantages of LeafBlock are the various shapes, sizes, colours and finishes allowing you to create your own tile design.

Unit: mm
Material  Surface  Back
Stainless Steel PVC Foam Board + Double sided tape
Thickness 0.06 – 0.1 1.1
Width / Length 100 x 100 / 100 x 200 / 200 x 200 *width and length cutting size is negotiable