Elegant. Ultra Thin. Eco Friendly.

The latest steel coating technologies. New range of applications: facade, wall coverings, furniture, complementary object and accessories.

The new Nichelcrom Lab stainless steel collection combines 60 years of experience on standard silver inox with the latest coating technologies. Our lab research allowed us to develop the widest range of PVD colors and finishing enriched with Nanoceramic performances.


The strongest combination.

By combining the TI-ION coating and Nanoceramics, we are able to obtain a covalent bond which is the strongest of the intermolecular bonds. This coating process allows us to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Ti-ion Coating

Ti-ion Coating

High Vacuum Roll to Roll PVD System



Nano Ceramic Coating


Leaf. Ultra Thin Stainless Steel.

A wide range of PDV colors with tridimensional patterns, going beyond the common stainless steel colors.

Color Uniformity


Non Flammable


You can almost feel it.

See how the colors, reflections and textures fit in
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